Your secrets needn't be taboo and you don't have to suffer alone in the dark. This is the story of my battle with mental illness and my wrestling with hope.

Natalee Whitesell

Your illness is just a part of your story, not your identity. My name is Natalee Whitesell, and over the last few years I've set out on an exciting - and sometimes frightening - discovery of my true identity. My journey has led me to a deep hope that I'm convinced can be yours to experience. Join me, so we can create a haven for others who are lost and lonely in the dark.

My book, Dismantling Taboo, is a story of battling mental illness and finding hope.

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Praise For Dismantling Taboo

"Natalee brings a raw and pure honesty as she shares her story of struggle in a world that is frightened by even a slight breeze that would hint of mental illness. Her amazing courage to forge ahead and lend a helping hand to this community to work toward dispelling the stigma that is sadly aligned with this illness is to be applauded."

Luanne Thayer

"This book will walk around with you long after it’s finished. Here is a woman who has walked through her pain with integrity and courage and speaks honestly about the darkest of times without burdening her readers. There is nothing trite or insincere about the hope and faith that leap from the pages, it is lived-in truth, and I feel truly inspired and blessed from reading it."


"Dismantling Taboo is a short read of a complex story. Reading Natalee Whitesell’s story is like hearing a friend’s heart over a cup of coffee. Her honesty is disarming, as she speaks directly about her mental illness. Whitesell gives details to fill in the gaps that are usually left to one’s imagination, but never in a way that is sensationalist. She demystifies the diagnoses, while giving a real sense of what it is to daily fight the battle toward healing. She gives weight to both the medical and the spiritual side of the struggle. This book is encouraging to anyone who has known the darkness of mental anguish, be it depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc. I highly recommend this book."

Talitha Kay